Good deals and discounts in the French Overseas Territories

Bargains and online sales. Looking for a good deal on the Internet? You've come to the right place for that! Because we know that it is important to find the best deals in a quick and easy way, we have gathered for you the best deals and bargains to be made in the tropics.

Why Ventanou is the « Good deal » solution ?

Between Marketplace and Group Buying: the best solution! There's no need to mobilize a whole city to get great prices! With us, all you need is a coupon to get what you want! Did you say "Coupon"? Yes, you heard right! It's a simple exchange currency "Voucher" that gives you access to products and services according to your desires and needs. Here, we exchange between individuals and professionals in complete confidence and in many areas of activity: various products, service offers, holiday rentals, courses and lessons, clothing, shoes, etc. Click and enjoy! Thanks to our platform, you have access to many good deals according to your desires! We bring together individuals and professionals to offer you the best possible opportunities in our islands. Our experience, our know-how and the magic of the Internet allow you to get the best deals in a few clicks, so don't wait any longer! Are you looking for sports shoes for the little ones, a new cupboard for your bathroom, a tea set capable of withstanding your cat’s attacks, or a rental with a view on the sea for your next holiday? We surely have the right plan for you!

Find original crafts!

While waiting to come to the islands, Ventanou invites you to find, through local works, all the creative intensity and artistic charm of the islanders. Thanks to talented craftsmen, working in the dynamism of their island, get original creations, made in the respect of the traditions and the ancient know-how. If some creators have bet on modernity and innovation, the artisanal work and the authentic handwork still remain at the heart of the work to guarantee a top-of-the-range craftmanship, straight from the islands. Do you appreciate exotic flavors, "Sunshine" sweets, delicatessen products or local cosmetics? Ventanou will be able to satisfy you. Our surprisingly inventiveness and creative craftsmen also have Art Deco and fashion items in store for you.

Find the best services and artisans in the Islands

Ventanou is the plan of action to know for island lovers. In addition to our many great deals, we can also help you find a serious local service provider for your trip
At Ventanou, cultural identity is at the heart of our policy, which is why we are committed to a fair approach to our online business. Our goal is to connect local service providers and island artisans with our diverse clients of locals and international customers, and to help them enjoy the wonders of our islands. This dual approach will allow you to prepare your holiday, and also to anticipate future needs once you are there. Holiday rental, air conditioner cleaning or pool maintenance... By booking on our website, take advantage of our preferential rates and of all the promotional offers offered throughout the year. Find our best island providers. By requesting our services, you contribute to the local economy, and at the same time, you allow the islanders to continue to live from their work. In just a few clicks, you can find all the talent that lives on your destination island: singers for a party, mother-of-pearl sculptors, tattoo artists, private chefs, housekeepers, nannies or massage therapists.... Ventanou can also help you quickly find all the services you need. Looking for an activity in Polynesia? We can put you in touch with specialists in the rental of Faré on a Motu or Kanak artists in New Caledonia. We also suggest you discover the Tembé art of Gyuane or to explore the Kaw-Roura Marshes Natural Reserve. Need to relax? We will show you where to taste a ti'punch cwéol with the famous Bourbon vanilla from the Reunion Island.