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Provisions and great deals all year round

Insulars, we are aware of how lucky we are to live in these idyllic settings that many envy us and that make our Islands very popular tourist destinations for visitors from around the world. While this success represents economic benefits, it is also sometimes the factor behind the high prices charged on many products, outings, services but also on raw materials.

Aware of the cost that activities, outings and more generally life in our paradises can represent, we have created the first site where it is possible to find and offer good deals throughout the year. You will be able to save money on your purchases and your outings in the West Indies but also on other Tropical Islands. If some visitors have very large budgets allocated to their activities and leisure during their stay, we are many to have to be careful these prices are often an obstacle for local people and our tourist friends, thus limiting the choice of our activities and leisure.

The general idea being to promote through a website the exchange, distribution, sale and purchase of local products between Professionals and Individuals without forgetting the CtoC and BtoB, whether it is crafts, fashion, service(s) to the person or consumer products that you would have found during your vacations and that you would like to find once you arrive home. You will have understood this website is made for the lovers of the Islands and their products.

Ventanou, soft prices especially for you

Ventanou is the result of our desire to allow all the inhabitants and visitors of Marie-Galante, Les Saintes or La Désirade to access all the services, activities and discoveries that interest him without amputating too large a part of his monthly budget. We believe that just because we live in dreamy and coveted tourist locations, we should not deprive ourselves of our favorite activities and leisure activities because of a budget issue, thus preventing us from fully enjoying the idyllic setting in which we live.

Discounts of 10 to 75% throughout the year

This sentiment has motivated the Ventanou team to negotiate preferential rates with merchants and service, activity and event providers to facilitate access for all. You can expect savings of between 10 and 75% in the areas of wellness and fitness, beauty and spa, holidays and outings, car maintenance and many other services that make everyday life easier and which we do without when their price does not suit our budget. You can now take advantage of the multiple discounts that Ventanou has been able to unearth for you but also ads from individuals offering rare and quality labeled products.


Whether you live in Grande Terre, or Basse Terre, your vehicle is exposed to sand, wind and rain. To keep your car clean at all times and entrust its maintenance to a conscientious professional, Ventanou has partnered with specialists in car washing, but also in technical control, window cleaning or even the installation of roofing, so that you can benefit from advantageous prices all year round.


To make your daily life easier, Ventanou Guadeloupe provides you with a list of professionals who are willing to offer you preferential rates at any time. Whether you need air conditioning maintenance or any other type of repair, mattress or sofa cleaning, interior or exterior painting, or any other personal service (housework, private lessons, etc.), you have access to the best price. We have also taken the time to list the best administrative assistance services, business creation, real estate expertise as well as training centers to allow you to quickly find the most efficient and the most adapted to your research


To access the 10 to 75% off offers, whether you live in Deshaies or Bouillante, all you have to do is purchase them exclusively online. Once you have validated and paid for your cart, all you have to do is print or download your proof of purchase onto your smartphone, in exchange for which you will receive the goods or services from the merchant or service provider who will welcome you with great pleasure.