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Good deals and promotions all year round in Martinique!

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, in the Lesser Antilles, Martinique is also called the island of flowers and lives up to its nickname! Every year, many tourists from all over the world come to discover the beauty and diversity of our landscape. To allow everyone to enjoy our island to the full, we offer our many good deals to locals and visitors alike!

Discover our holiday rentals and stays in Martinique !

Come and enjoy a dream holiday in Martinique thanks to our good deals on holidays and stays! A rental ideally located for a romantic weekend or a week or more with your family, activities and outings: you will find everything you need on our site thanks to our coupons. For a successful and unforgettable stay, choose your restaurant for a romantic evening at a low price, or fill up on excursions for the whole family to discover our landscapes between the sea and the mountains and change activities every day!

Martinique: the ideal island to recharge your batteries and let yourself be pampered!

Do you need to take care of yourself? Holidays are the perfect time for that! Discover our many great deals on beauty treatments and spas. From Édonis massages, candle massages or massages with the relaxing sounds of Tibetan bowls, to Balinese massages, you can finally relax and recharge your batteries. And why not enjoy this pleasure together, with a glass of champagne or a mojito? You can also find great deals on scrubs, waxing and facials or body treatments. With Ventanou's good deals, you can treat yourself all year round without breaking the bank!


Ventanou is not just about good deals for wealthy tourists visiting our island. We have designed our offer and our entire organisation so that everyone can benefit from it and find something to suit themselves! Ventanou offers good deals that promote local work and networking between professionals and individuals, or between individuals. Do you need interior work (painting, air conditioning installation, small repairs, cleaning and maintenance, etc.), emergency computer repairs, or car hire? Our island is full of all kinds of talents and you can discover them on our website! Would you like to discover our local products and our best traditional recipes? Treat yourself with our good deals all year round!


For us, putting professionals and individuals in touch with each other, whether it be BtoB, BtoC or even CtoC, is a winning bet for everyone! Our platform makes it as easy as possible to find interesting opportunities and exchanges in order to promote work on the island and allow everyone to have access to all types of offers and quality services at a reduced price. With Ventanou, you can save between 10 and 75% and enjoy the best that Martinique has to offer all year round. From Basse Pointe to Sainte Anne and from La Trinité to Fort de France, our vouchers give you easy access to a wide range of products and services throughout the island!