Lot de 4 crèmes soin du visage à la bave d’escargot
  • Lot de 4 crèmes soin du visage à la bave d’escargot
  • Lot de 4 crèmes soin du visage à la bave d’escargot

Lot de 4 crèmes soin du visage à la bave d’escargot

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We have selected a set of four snail slime creams for you. Make your "morning routine" with high quality care delivered to your home at a very low price

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Known for its repairing, healing and moisturizing actions, snail slime protects and brings suppleness and luminosity to the skin.

It is used since antiquity to relieve and make disappear certain problems and skin diseases in an effective and natural way. The snail slime is effective against acne, stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles, brown spots, blackheads, blotches, burn scars, sunburn, dark circles etc..

You can combine it with other organic components such as shea butter or coconut oil for optimum skin nutrition.

Our offer is composed of 4 leading facial care products:

- An eye contour cream - 15 ml

o Direct and deep action on the eye contour thanks to the anti-ageing action

o The synergy of hyaluronic acid, argan oil, grape seed oil and petit houx gives a more luminous look and a smoother and velvety texture

- A cleansing gel - 150 ml

o For daily cleansing and ideal for all skin types, from dry to combination and blemished.

- An anti-aging face cream - 50 ml

o Perfect hydration

o Helps maintain skin's radiance

- A face mask - 50 ml

o Prevents the appearance of brown spots and protects the skin from external aggressions and free radicals, the main cause of hyperpigmentation.


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