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Good deals and promotions all year round in Saint Barth!

Located in the Lesser Antilles, the island of Saint Barthélemy is affectionately called Saint Barth, or Saint Barts by our English-speaking friends. This little paradise in the Caribbean Sea owes its name to Christopher Columbus who, after discovering it on behalf of Spain, named it after his younger brother, Bartolomeo. To help you discover Saint Barth, the Saint-Barths, as the Bartholomeans like to be called, have many surprises in store for you, and Ventanou has many good ideas!

Saint Barth: a small island, a rich and gourmet culture, and many good deals!

Saint Barth is of course a place of superb beaches, shady palm trees and the translucent Caribbean sea: the ideal place to relax and soak up the sun! But it is also a rich and surprising culture, a history and an identity to discover. Take advantage of our good deals to discover the local gastronomy by trying a different restaurant every day and tasting the local products. Our cod acras, our stuffed crab or our West Indian pudding will awaken your taste buds, especially if you accompany them with an exotic fruit drink from the region. Thanks to Ventanou, you can find the right address to treat your whole family!

In Saint Barth, we are chic and shocking! Come and stroll through one of the island's shopping centres for an unforgettable shopping session. On our website, you will find all year round the best addresses where you can benefit from discounts from 10 to 75%! In Gustavia, the island's main port, take a stroll through the streets to discover this town with its picturesque and atypical charm. Don't hesitate to climb up to Fort Karl, which now has vegetation that will delight nature lovers!


For sportsmen and women, Saint Barth is a perfect destination! With the sea and the mountains on your doorstep, you don't have to choose between water sports (surfing, windsurfing, water-skiing, diving...) and hiking or cycling inland. Beware, the highest point of the island is 286 metres high, but it will offer you a breathtaking view once you reach the top! For all your activities and excursions, you will find a good guide on our site. Thanks to our good offers, we can offer you the possibility to discover Saint Barth in a different way and without depriving yourself while meeting its inhabitants who will know better than anyone how to guide you and tell you the history of their island.


Whether you are on a romantic holiday, with family or friends, we have the right plan for your holiday rental. In a few clicks, enter your criteria and find the house of your dreams ideally located. And if you need to rent a car, bikes, boat, or why not a fishing rod, we know the perfect professional! We want to make life easier for everyone in Saint Barths, which is why we put professionals and individuals in touch with each other. Thanks to our coupons, they can benefit from discounted services, but also offer their own services when they feel like it or need it.